Shopping imports handicrafts, folk-art and spiritual objects from Asia and Africa.

Buddha statues,
meditation (and relax) cushions,
crystal balls,
precious stones

and African masks
are the most important products imported by
Thai Buddha statues

Many of these products have a spiritual or meditative dimension, as the Buddha statues, or the masks and statues from Africa.

The art objects are crafted from bronze, wood and ceramics.
Thai cushions Apart from a growing interest for Buddhism, there is a renewed interest as well in precious stones and their healing powers. African fetishes
All handicrafts are made of natural materials like wood, stone, silk, cotton and other plantfibers. The products have been selected on quality, craftsmanship and artistical achievement. 

The fact that the trade in these products also supports part of a traditional culture, is a further incentive to do business with people in these countries.

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