Plateau Solitair, a game from Madagascar

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Plateau Solitair made of rosewood

Precious stones
Plateau Solitair is more than just a game. It is also a very attractive way of displaying a beautiful collection of precious stones.
Each of the 38 balls of every game have each been made of a different type of precious stone, such as jasper red, jasper green, jasper yellow, jasper rubane (band-jasper), jasper imprinted, jasper hematite red; apatite green, apatite olive-green, apatite blue; calcite blue, calcite yellow, calcite orange, calcite marron (chestnut); red quartz, yellow quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz; rock-crystal; agate chalcedony, agate breche (opened); labradorite, amethyst, chrysoprase, dolomite, spinel green, septariat, colombite, amazonite, microcline, girasol, garnierite, chrysokol, moss opal (herbier), cipolin rose, gabbro, galena, sphene, cornaline.
Of a number of those stones, such as jasper, amethyst, rose quartz, agate, labradorite, rock-crystal and chrysoprase, it is said that they possess healing powers.

To make it easier to get to know them, all balls are provided with a sticker with the name of the stone.

Rules of the game
In the illustration below, at 1, you see the start position. You may remove any ball as the first, but for the outcome of the game it matters of course which one you'll take. So situation 2 may come about, where the circles indicate wich balls are allowed to capture the intermediate balls and occupy the empty space. If you do this with the left ball, situation 3 will come about. The captured ball is put on the edge of the board. Etcetera. It is not allowed to move diagonally, only horizontally and vertically.
The aim of the game is to have only one stone left on the board.

The game looks deceptively simple, but it will occasion much brain-racking to bring it to a good conclusion.

price-list plateaux solitairs
code price incl. VAT ball size
P 01 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 50 mm 975,00
P 02 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 40 mm 375,00
P 03 plateau solitair plus 38 balls 35 mm 275,00
P 04 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 30 mm 175,00
P 05 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 25 mm 135,00
P 06 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 25 mm 120,00
P 07 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 22 mm 85,00
P 08 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 20 mm 65,00
P 09 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 18 mm 57,50
P 10 plateau solitair plus 38 balls (sold out) 16 mm 35,00
P 11 plateau solitair plus 38 balls 14 mm 30,00

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