Manufacture of Thai cushions (Moon-kwan) cushions
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The photos you see on this page give an impression of the manufacturing of Thai cushions.

The cushions are manufactured by the women of the Isan tribe (in the North-east of Thailand) in a relaxed atmosphere, in their own home environment, under a tree or on the verandah.
The outside of the cushions consists of hand-woven cotton. A classical version, in which silk has been woven into the pattern, is also available.
Furthermore, versions are available in which the cotton has been dyed only with vegetable dyes.

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The filling material of the Thai cushions consists of rice-straw and kapok.
The kapok-fluff is extracted from the seed-capsules of the kapok-tree after it has finished flowering. Since the kapok-tree grows and flourishes in a natural way, the demand for kapok will preserve a part of the natural environment.
kapok-tree with seed-pods

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