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Moon-kwan is the Thai name for this beautiful and practical relax-cushion that can be found in almost every home in Thailand and that, apart from being beautiful to look at, can also daily be used in many ways.

The cushions come in various models to meet as many applications and tastes as possible.
There are also various designs in soft colours and shades.

The cushions are very useful for those who like to read in bed.
One can relax on it full length on the couch or the floor while having telephone conversations for instance, or watching television.

In the normal version the cushions are filled with rice-straw and kapok. In the classical models, they are filled with kapok only.

The sides of the cushin show a remarkable resemblance to the Indian 'sri-yantra', a geometric diagram for meditation.

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relax en meditation cushions from Thailand
D 01 triangle with 3 mattresses, classic (sold out) D 02 triangle, classic (sold out)
D 03 unit of 4 mattresses, € 95,00
(sold out)
D 04 standard with 3 mattresses, € 95,00
(sold out)
D 05 standard with 1 mattress, € 50,00
(sold out)
D 06 flat cushion, 60 x 60 cm, € 60,00
(sold out)
D 07 standard, € 40,00 D 08 triangle medium, € 20,00 (sold out) D 09 triangle medium, € 15,00
D 10 flat cushion, 40 x 40 cm, ikat (mat-mee), (sold out) D 11 rectangular cushion, natural dye, € 35,00 D 12 moon-kwan, side roll
(sold out)
D 13 small rectangular cushion, kapok, € 10,00 (sold out) D 14 small rectangular cushion,
straw, € 7,50 (sold out)
D 15 triangle (6 rolls), small,
€ 7,50
D 16 mini cushion, pink, red, licht blue, dark red, green, € 3,00 D 17 key fob with tiny cushion, € 0,70

This overview can also be downloaded as PDF file. Click here.

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